We love our pets, but it is no secret that they can wreak havoc on our natural grass yards. When they aren’t busy digging or staining, they’re tracking mud into our freshly cleaned floors. With Synthetic Grass Masters, you no longer have to sacrifice your lawn for your dog.

With the high-quality pet turf used by Synthetic Grass Masters, urine drains right through without leaving pesky odors behind. Dog waste will no longer discolor or stain. Pets can’t dig through it. Muddy spots and yellow grass are an issue of the past. Spend less time cleaning and more time on the things you love!







Welcome to Synthetic Grass Masters, your trusted partner for pet turf installation in Phoenix, AZ. We understand the challenges of maintaining a natural lawn in our desert climate, which is why we offer a durable, safe, and comfortable artificial turf solution for your furry friends. Our pet turf is designed to withstand the rigors of pet play while ensuring easy maintenance and a year-round green space for your pets to enjoy.

Why Pet Turf Installation is Ideal for Pet Owners in Phoenix

Phoenix’s unique climate poses a challenge for pet owners looking for a safe and comfortable outdoor space for their pets. This is where pet turf installation comes as an ideal solution. Our pet turf is specially designed for durability, standing up to the enthusiastic play of pets of all sizes. It’s also crafted with safety in mind, providing a soft and non-abrasive surface that protects your pet’s paws even in the hottest months. The ease of cleaning and superior odor control technology are also significant benefits, ensuring a hygienic and pleasant environment for both pets and owners, even in our hot and dry conditions.

Our Pet Turf Installation Services

Customized Solutions for Your Pet’s Needs

At Synthetic Grass Masters, we understand that every pet and yard is unique. That’s why we offer customized pet turf solutions tailored to the specific needs of your furry friends. We consider various factors such as your pet’s size, their activity level, and the layout of your yard to ensure that the turf we install meets all your requirements. Whether you have a playful puppy or a senior dog, our pet turf is designed to provide the utmost comfort and safety, ensuring that your pets have a perfect outdoor space to play and relax.

Professional and Efficient Installation

Our installation process at Synthetic Grass Masters is both professional and efficient, ensuring a secure and long-lasting area for your pets. We start with a detailed assessment of your space, followed by a meticulous installation process. Our team of master installers ensures that every inch of the turf is perfectly laid out and securely anchored, preventing any chances of lifting or shifting. We pay close attention to the edges and seams, making sure they are seamless and safe for all types of pet activities. By choosing Synthetic Grass Masters, you’re not just getting pet turf installed; you’re ensuring a high-quality, durable, and pet-friendly space that will last for years to come.



Design Consultation

Your journey begins with a personalized design consultation where we discuss your needs and evaluate your space, ensuring that the pet turf solution we propose fits both your aesthetic preferences and your pet’s requirements.

Selection of Turf

Choose from our wide range of high-quality pet turfs, each designed to offer the best in comfort, durability, and safety. Our experts will guide you in selecting the perfect turf type that suits your pet’s activities and your yard’s conditions.

Site Prep & Installation

We meticulously prepare your site, ensuring a stable and level base for installation. Our skilled team then efficiently installs the turf, paying attention to every detail to ensure a seamless and long-lasting fit.

Finishing Touches

To complete the installation, we add the finishing touches that enhance the turf’s safety and functionality. This includes securing edges, adding infill materials for stability, and ensuring the entire area is pet-friendly and ready for enjoyment.


Our pet turf is designed for durability, capable of withstanding the active play of pets of all sizes. With proper maintenance, it can last many years, typically offering a 10-15 year manufacturer warranty.

Absolutely! Safety is our top priority. Our pet turf is made from non-toxic materials and is designed to be gentle on pet paws, preventing injuries and providing a comfortable space for pets to play and relax.

For general cleaning, a simple rinse with water is usually sufficient. For solid waste, remove it and then rinse the area. For more thorough cleaning, a mixture of water and mild, pet-friendly detergent can be used, followed by rinsing.

Pet turf requires minimal maintenance. Regular rinsing, occasional brushing to keep the fibers upright, and prompt cleaning of spills or pet waste are generally all that’s needed to keep it in excellent condition.

Our pet turf comes with a 10-15 year manufacturer warranty, depending on the specific turf you choose, covering issues related to the quality and durability of the turf under normal usage conditions. This warranty provides peace of mind and assurance of the product’s longevity.

Pet turf can get very hot in direct sunlight, but there are ways to combat this and keep it comfortable and safe to use even during the Summer. For added comfort, we recommend providing shaded areas and ensuring pets have access to water, especially during the hottest parts of the day. You can even hose it down before going on it in extreme cases.

Our pet turf is designed with excellent drainage capabilities, allowing water to quickly pass through without pooling or creating mud. This feature ensures the turf remains usable and hygienic, even after heavy rain or cleaning.

Pet urine won’t damage the turf. For odor control, we recommend prompt rinsing of the area where your pet urinates. Our turf is also designed with materials that resist odors, keeping your lawn fresh. In addition to that, during installation, we add the manufacturer-recommended amount of high quality infill designed specifically for pet turf use.

In the rare event of damage, repairing or replacing sections of the turf is straightforward. Our team can seamlessly integrate new patches of turf, ensuring the lawn maintains its uniform appearance.

Beyond regular cleaning, we recommend occasional deep cleaning with a mild, pet-friendly cleaning solution. If it is heavily soiled or there are lingering odors, we encourage you to reach out to our turf maintenance partner, Dirty Turf, for a professional cleaning using their truck mounted cleaning system specifically designed for artificial turf.  Also, keep an eye out for any foreign substances that might be brought onto the turf by your pet and clean these promptly.


Keeping your pet turf in top condition is easy with these practical and straightforward maintenance tips. Regular care ensures both longevity and hygiene, making your turf a lasting haven for your pets.

Regular Cleaning:
Lightly rinse your pet turf regularly to wash away any dust and small debris. This simple step helps maintain the fresh appearance and hygiene of your turf.

Promptly Address Spills:
If spills occur, especially from pet waste, clean them promptly. For solid waste, remove it first then rinse the area. For liquid waste, a quick rinse is usually sufficient to prevent odors and staining.

Brush the Turf:
Periodically brush the turf with a stiff-bristled broom or a turf rake. This helps to keep the grass blades upright and maintain the turf’s natural appearance.

Check for Weeds:
Although rare, weeds can occasionally sprout. Regularly check and promptly remove any weeds to prevent them from spreading or damaging the turf.

Professional Check-ups:
Consider scheduling an annual check-up with our turf maintenance partners at Dirty Turf. Their team of professionals can help with deep cleaning and inspect for any needed repairs, ensuring your turf remains in pristine condition.

By following these easy maintenance steps, your pet turf will continue to provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable space for your pets for years to come.

Synthetic Grass Masters
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Aaron M.
The team did an excellent job at a very competitive price. Start to finish, nothing but clear communication and transparency. A great trade I will recommend to whoever is in need of their services.
dora G.
Be prepared for constant remarks from your neighbors on how beautiful your artificial turf enhances the neighborhood. Not only was the process done timely with attention to detail, the entire experience removed any doubts of the final outcome. I highly recommend Synthetic Grass Masters.
B P.
Turf and pavers look amazing! Sina and his crew were professional, quick and did a great job with both the install and explanation of care. Would absolutely highly recommend!
Kendra R.
Sina, Emily and crew were beyond amazing!! Timely, communicative and professional. Our rescue animals are so extremely grateful for their new play yard at the sanctuary!
Jennifer E.
Sina came out the same day, gave an accurate quote on the spot, and had me scheduled for the next week. The 2 man crew made quick, but tidy, work leaving me with a super cool and fun putting green in a day. Highly recommend Sina and the crew
Suzanne B.
So pleased with the project! I called to get a quote and Sina came out the next day and they were far less than other quotes we received. They were able to schedule us for the next week and the entire project was finished in 1 day. Great service, great work and great people!
Shiyan Arianejad (.
Sina and his crew did an incredible job on my backyard. Will be going to them for future projects. Thanks Synthetic Grass Masters!
Chuck N.
Terrifc customer service, true to the adage "we aim to Please." The two installers were knowledgeable, efficient and hard working, pleasant experience working with professionals.
Tim M.
Sina is amazing. I will definitely continue to do business with this company. Sina went above and beyond. Thank you Sina. A+++++
Nick T.
Great price. Sena was great at helping decide on our project. Best of all it was installed very quickly! I only gave 4 stars because we just got it installed so I can’t speak to the durability yet.
bill M.
Synthetic Grass Masters did an excellent job installing the new grass for our dog area. Looks beautiful & the dog loves it too!Thank-you so much! Maureen Maurer
Terrie M.
Matt and his crew did a great job. The entire process was easy and looks beautiful!
Pete L.
The sales rep was knowledgeable, professional and thorough. In a short period of time, he provided a comprehensive bid highlighting all aspects of the project important to me. Installation was scheduled within 2 days.The installation was perfect, a great crew, on time, had all the tools and supplies on hand.My experience with Synthetic Grass Masters was superior. Their prices was less than half of other bids, the project is guaranteed for product and installation.It has completely transformed our back yard.I highly endorse and recommend Synthetic Grass Masters.
Todd S.
We received amazing service both on the initial installation, which was a couple years ago, and also more recently on some follow up repair work I needed. They did an amazing job on the installation and the yard looks fantastic. After a couple years my yard began to settle in an area where I had a tree removed. I called Sina and within one day he had someone out to my home repairing and leveling the spot with the issue. Couldn’t have asked for a quicker response or better Service. These guys are amazing and I highly recommend them!
Rich D.
AGM was very patient with us and helpful over the years as we figured out our design. Once we did, the installation of the grass and rocks was wonderful and beautiful. The installation of the irrigation ran into confusion. But AGM was very helpful in making sure we were happy in the end. In particular, Victor and Ryan were superb to work with in completing this project. Thanks AGM
abhinav J.
This is our second project for the backyard that we got done. Sina and Matt were both wonderful and their crew did an amazing job.. We couldn’t be more happy about the quality and timeliness of the job done at a great price. Quote to install in under 2 weeks. Not sure you can get that done anywhere in the valley these days. SimplyAmazing. Matt was on the job helped us walk through the project details and mark the design in front of us. He made sure his crew understood the design and got it executed to the last detail. We didn’t have to be onsite to manage or watch over the work being done.. Both Matt and Sina are highly responsive and will guide you through what will work and what won’t (which is really good for first time home buyers, Even though this was second house). I can keep going but all I will say is that if you want No fuss job done for your backyard just call them up and they will take care of you..
Linda M.
Very professional, great prices, they return your calls, workers were great. They even cleaned up after themselves. Looks awesome and my dog loves it too.
Loren M.
Awesome price great service. Fast and amazing workers. Even cleaned up after themselves. Looks great
Brandon S.
Matt was a pleasure to work with, the installers were friendly and efficient. The product turned out perfect!! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and the price was great as well. I will definitely be using these guys for all my turfing needs!!!
scott W.
Great Customer Service, Matt did a great job!Good product!😊
Myka E.
Synthetic Grass Masters provided us an amazing service! We love our new grass and our backyard has never looked better. I 100% recommend using them if you’re thinking of installing. Sina was very helpful, he described the entire process to us and was there from start to finish. Thank you so much (:
Robin P.
We had such an amazing experience! Very professional, timely and overall wonderful! We are in love with our new grass! Transformed our back yard and we couldn’t be happier!
Frank M.
We were very happy with the results of this company ! Great customer service and quality installation and a awesome warranty included .Sina was very professional and after getting 3 estimates by far they had the best price on travertine and turf . Very pleased with how everything turned out !
Ellie M.
They were professional, friendly, accommodating and the end result was awesome!
John Henry B.
Great quality service can't ask for nobody better for my turf service needs
Scott S.
Sina and his team came out and installed turf, it was over 1,000 square feet and they did an excellent job, these guys are the best in town. Our turf does not get hot and the turf is high quality we have three big dogs and the turf still looks brand new and the grass blades stand straight up. I highly recommend them.
Mark U.
Synthetic Grass Masters has a great professional crew. They do amazing work and exceed expectations.
Christopher G.
From the moment I called to the finished product everything was smooth and professional. They also did my travertine around my porch and that turned out perfect. Will post pics later when I get my plants put in.
Teresa M.
They were so nice to talk to very easy to work with the communication was great if you called or text them they got right back to you. They did a beautiful job and fast, we are so happy with the results. Very helpful with your needs even little extras. I would recommend them to anyone.
Jennifer B.
They did an amazing job installing turf in our backyard! Everyone was very polite and friendly. Everything was explained well and the job was done quickly. I would recommend them to anyone looking to install turf!
Chris S.
They were extremely professional, answered all my questions, and gave me explanations on everything they were doing up front. Good warranty. The whole process was and very fast. I would highly recommend!
Elizabeth S.
Sina and his team installed a patio and turf and we are so happy with the results! The turn around time was very quick and communication was amazing! We would recommend 100%!
Audrey D.
I hired Synthetic Grass Masters to install turf and a putting green for my parents’ backyard and it turned out absolutely beautiful. Everything from communication to installation was professional and my parents were very happy with the finished product. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends or anyone looking for turf installation!
myles B.
These guys did amazing! My whole house was transformed! I have 0 complaints what so ever!
Bob P.
Really enjoyed working with these folks. Sina did a great job describing the work they were going to do, took me through all the steps. The crew that did the work was great. Showed up on time, got right to it. Left the space nice and clean.
Marcus F.
Absolutely loved working with this company! The president Sina was very professional and extremely friendly and just a pleasure to work with. His crew lead Eric and his team are exceptional workers and completed our project while being open and communicative with us about how we wanted our design. Highly recommend to anyone looking for turf install!
Jim M.
I just had one of the best experiences and wanted to share with anyone thinking of installing artificial turf. I scheduled 10 different companies to get quotes from and learn a little about their business. Sina was right in the middle of the 10. As soon as I met him and we went over what my vision was, something was different from the ones I had already met with, and he stood out even after the last five had come and gone. I went ahead and gave the job to Synthetic Grass Masters as I just felt "comfortable". The crew of workers that arrived were Fantastic to say the least. Very competent, friendly and without a doubt customer satisfaction driven. The job was completed to Perfection within two days and I am one very happy and satisfied customer. My intent in writing this is if you are thinking of doing this, it is in your best interest to include this company in your search. Believe me you Will Not be disappointed. I sure wasn't!
John Y.
Sina is very professional and knowledgeable. His explanation of what his crew was going to do, how long it would take, and estimate was thorough.His crew was on time and diligent and efficient. They were meticulous and constantly working. They would have been done in one day but it started raining pretty good. They came back the next morning and finished the job. Their attention to detail in cutting the turf to fit every nook and cranny of our brick work and pavers was outstanding! They even re-did deco brick and rocks around our trees that had become disheveled over time. The grass looks and feels great!! Sina's post-installation walkthrough was very informative. He answered every question we had no matter how petty they may have been. We paid exactly what he estimated! I highly recommend Synthetic Grass Masters as they are who their name claims them to be "masters"!! I will use them again.
Gerardo E.
Highly recommend this company! Had a project done a week ago and me and my wife were AMAZED with the ending! Thank you very much !!
Matt T.
We had old turf that needed to be replaced so we got Synthetic Grass Masters to install new turf for us and we even added on a putting green! We sourced a few quotes but they came back with the the best price and high quality product. The install was very quick and professional and it was top notch service.
Stacey T.
We are so happy with our new synthetic grass! Sina and his entire team were wonderful to work with and their pricing was the most competitive in Scottsdale. The quality is so great that it looks like real grass - and no seams! The crew was super friendly and the entire backyard was spotless when the job was completed. Thank you again Sina and team! We couldn't be happier! Stacey & Diron Tappin
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Synthetic Grass Masters
Based on 48 reviews
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Summer Special: Free Resort Credit up to $500 w/ Purchase!